Jun 10, 2021 7:24 PM

Geary County may soon house federal inmates

Posted Jun 10, 2021 7:24 PM

Geary County Sheriff Dan Jackson has confirmed that negotiations are under way with federal authorities on the possible housing of federal prisoners in the County Detention Center.

Jackson told a Town Hall meeting in Junction City that President Biden has signed an executive order barring federal agencies from housing their prisoners in private facilities. "So in the state of Kansas prior to that executive order there were 960 prisoners in federal custody that were being kept at private facilities. " Jackson added federal officials have until Dec. 31 to find a location to house those prisoners.

Jackson said it would be a money maker for the county but there would be increased liability for the county because of the new prisoners that would be in the jail. The sheriff said an effort is under way to find a couple of pods in the jail where the federal prisoners would stay. "They wouldn't be mixed in with our local population."

Negotiations are under way right now and final approval has not been given, said Jackson. "We still have to negotiate what the price is and how this all works so we're going through that process right now. " He added officials are considering between approximately 25 and 40 prisoners that would be housed at the Geary County facility.