May 02, 2024

Kansas total tax collections up for second straight month

Posted May 02, 2024 10:00 AM

TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly on Wednesday announced that total tax collections for April were $1.42 billion. That is $101 million, or 7.7%, more than the monthly estimate. Total tax collections are up 9.6% from April 2023.   

Click here to view the April 2024 revenue numbers. 

"These revenue numbers underscore how important it is to provide responsible tax relief now,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “I remain committed to cutting taxes in a fiscally responsible, comprehensive manner that doesn’t jeopardize the progress we’ve made.” 

“The overage for April is largely due to the fact that we are processing 63,000 more ‘balance due’ checks from taxpayers this year than we were at the same time last year,” Secretary of Revenue Mark Burghart said. “A combination of two additional processing days and recently upgraded check remittance technology at the Department of Revenue have allowed payments to be processed faster and much more efficiently.  

Secretary Burghart went on to say, “the spike in processed payments for April is really just a carrying forward of payments that would normally be processed in May. As a result, individual income tax receipts for May will likely be lower than the estimate.”  

Individual income tax collections were $740.3 million in April 2024. That is $91.0 million, or 14.0%, more than the estimate, and up 24.7% from April 2023. 

Corporate income tax collections were $338.2 million last month, which is $6.3 million, or 1.9%, more than estimates. It does, however, reflect a 4.5% drop from corporate income tax collections at this same time last year.  

Combined retail sales and compensating use tax receipts were $295.1 million, which is $3.1 million, or 1.1% more than the estimate but down $13.5 million, or 4.4%, from April 2023.  

The Consensus Revenue Estimating group met on April 19 to revise estimates for fiscal years 2024 and 2025.