Jan 25, 2022

County commits $50,000 to help start a community college welding program

Posted Jan 25, 2022 11:00 AM

Cloud County Community College is planning to start a welding program at their Geary County campus. On Monday the Geary County Commission agreed to allot $50,000 to allow the school to help rent a 53-foot trailer that could serve as a welding lab. The funds are derived from a fund containing rent paid by the college. Commissioners will then evaluate future options going forward, ranging from possible expansion of a garage on the school's Junction City campus to construction of a new building. 

Vice President for Academic Affairs  with the school, Kimberly Zant,  indicated that classes would be offered in the evening. The certificate that would be earned by students would consist of 18 credit hours spread over two semesters. "So we could appeal to the adult learner and hopefully some of the high school students will come over."

Officials reported to the commission that there are currently 20 welding job openings within a 25-mile radius and 100 within 50 miles.