Aug 16, 2021

Geary Community Hospital CEO resigns

Posted Aug 16, 2021 10:06 PM
Geary Community Hospital CEO Frank Corcoran
Geary Community Hospital CEO Frank Corcoran

Geary Community Hospital CEO Frank Corcoran has submitted his resignation, effective Sept. 13th. Corcoran began his time at GCH as the chief nursing officer before becoming the chief executive officer.

JC Post asked Hospital Board of Trustees Chair, Cecil Aska, why Corcoran resigned. "We were notified through CHC ( Community Hospital Corporation ) which is the process. Now we'll have to look at it and figure out what direction we're going to want to go and how we're going to move forward."

On why Corcoran resigned, Aska said he had not yet had an opportunity to really visit with the outgoing CEO. "He talked about pursuing some other opportunities, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and get into full detail with him."

Geary Community Hospital has battled financial challenges in recent years. On that front Aska noted that the hospital has been making some progress. "The Covid dollars have definitely helped. We have been regularly working on some different things to expand the revenue and that's moving forward. But I think all hospitals, particularly in Kansas, are suffering to some degree at this time. But I think from where we were a couple of years ago we definitely are in better shape but we have a long way to go yet."

Hospital leaders have just learned about the resignation. Aska added after they process the information there will be some discussion and then move forward. Hospital Trustee Theresa Bramlage also confirmed Corcoran's resignation.

In a staff notice submitted to the "GCH Family" it was noted that prior to Corcoran's departure, "the Board of Trustees will work to bring in another qualified executive."