Jun 23, 2022

City declares former Knights Inn a dangerous and unsafe structure

Posted Jun 23, 2022 3:06 PM

Junction City Commissioners addressed the issue of the vacant former Knights Inn, 1024 South Washington, this week. They adopted a resolution declaring the building a dangerous and unsafe structure. 

Allen Dinkel, City Manager, said the resolution requires substantial progress on repair or demolition by Sept. 1. If demolition is pursued the owner has until Sept. 1 or the City could then begin taking bids for that purpose.  If the City handles the demolition they could then bill the property owner, but if that is not paid the City would put the cost onto property taxes and eventually in the future it would be sold at a tax sale. While the building could come down this year it may be a few years before the site is freed for other uses.

Dinkel estimated that it could cost the City approximately $250,000 to get the building removed.