Nov 20, 2023

Official election results are in for Geary County

Posted Nov 20, 2023 8:21 PM

By Dewey Terrill

JC Post

The canvass of the votes for the recent school board, city commission and city council elections were completed Monday in Geary County. There were not any changes in the outcome of any of the election races.

According to the numbers compiled by the Geary County Clerk's Office elected to four-year terms on the USD 475 Board of Education were Ron Johnson with 1,164 votes followed by Kristy Haden with 1,138 and Anwar Khoury 1,138 plus Tom Brungardt with 920. For the Junction City Commission those elected to four-year terms included Pat Landes with 807 votes, Richard Pinaire with 763 and to a two-year term Al Gordon with 683 votes.

In Grandview Plaza those elected to the city council for four-year terms included Ron Wood with 56 votes, Marvin Edison 46 and Tanya Thurn 36 votes. Elected to four-year terms on the Milford City Council were Dennis Bolte 42, Jeff Roether 38 and Gayle Edmiston with 37 votes.