Apr 05, 2021 9:07 PM

CVB temporarily relocates operations

Posted Apr 05, 2021 9:07 PM

Due to concerns about air quality in their office area at 222 West 6th Street, the Geary County Convention & Visitor's Bureau has relocated their operation to the Geary County Office Building. The two staff members will work from the conference room at the County Office Building.

Trish Giordano, County Commission Chair, noted the employees were experiencing irritation in their nose, mouth and throat area. They were seen by Alpha Care who recommended that they vacate the area. "No other people in the Montgomery Building had been having any issues so we thought it was just in that area. So we moved them over to the County Office Building in our conference room temporarily until the State ( Department of Labor ) comes in to do some testing."

Giordano also stated, "Alpha Care and our workman's comp have been in contact with the State and they will be testing." The exact time for that testing is not yet known.

Officials indicated that cleaning and testing has been done locally where no problems were found with the air in the building at 222 West 6th Street, but the person doing the testing did experience irritation to their nose and throat.