Sep 21, 2022

City officials are saying little about the proposed slaughterhouse project

Posted Sep 21, 2022 12:42 PM

Junction City Commissioners were questioned Tuesday night about the proposed slaughterhouse project that has been in the spotlight in recent months. One of the opponents to the project, Susan Kamm, noted that nothing has been heard recently, and asked what is going on. City Manager Allen Dinkel responded, "Nothing has been announced yet. That's all we can say at this time."

Kamm asked if the commission will discuss the project with the community or just forge ahead without allowing community input. Dinkel then stated a lot of processes will have to happen. Mayor Jeff Underhill said that there will be hearings and different zoning issues that could arise.

Kamm said opponents have been working on their end. "We just hope that you guys will come out and be forthcoming with the people that elected you."

During later discussion in the city commission meeting Dinkel noted that with any economic development project everything takes time, but companies making a large investment and they do not want to release information to their competitors. "I don't believe the City has ever, ever, ever held stuff back at least in recent years on what we're going to do but you have to put it all in place. You talk about a livestock harvesting facility, you're talking probably about half billion dollar investment by somebody. "Dinkel added information would be released when times are right.