May 24, 2022

GCH impacts the community

Posted May 24, 2022 10:52 PM

Dr. Jason Butler informed a joint county - school board meeting this week that the impact of Geary Community Hospital on the community can't be understated. "

Hospital officials are working through financial challenges toward a possible future agreement with Stormont Vail Health in Topeka to  provide hospital and clinic services in Geary County.

Butler told the community leaders that there is "no choice but to make it happen." He informed JC Post that GCH is a significant economic driver in  the community. "Not having a hospital within a 20 to 30 minute drive kind of safely impacts the care that we can provide." Butler added that there are benefits the community must have with  the hospital.

Spreading out farther beyond GCH, Butler noted that there is a brand new high school, it's an amazing high school, maybe one of the best in the nation.  "So if you're looking for a place to live you say alright we've got that. " He said that the next thing that people will look for is a hospital. The addition of Stormont Vail will result in movement from a local community hospital to a regional powerhouse, infrastructure will be improved and he also noted that the quality and efficiency of patient care can then be improved.  

Butler added when that's combined with what is occurring with economic development in the community and Main Street three key aspects that have been created. "So if I'm a business looking for somewhere to go I say they've got three key things. They're going to be able to come in, take care of my kids at school, take care of my family in the hospital and we're going to have a place to go." He added when that is capitalized on it is just great for the community.

Butler said GCH must make it to Jan. 1, and once Stormont Vail takes over the hospital there will be a  different scenario. He encouraged the public to reach out to county and city commissioners to let them know that you support this and that the hospital is a must have for the city.

Some members of the city commission and staff were also in attendance for the meeting.