Apr 01, 2024

Talks continue over EMS Service costs

Posted Apr 01, 2024 10:46 PM

By Dewey Terrill

JC Post

The gap is narrower for now but Junction City and Geary County are still at odds over the amount of costs to be paid by the county for EMS Services this year. According to discussion at the county commission meeting Monday the city had budgeted $2 million and the county $1.5 million for this year.

The latest positions included $1.8 million for the city and $1,650,000 for the county, or $137,500 per month for the county. Discussion on EMS negotiation and litigation is scheduled on the Junction City Commission meeting agenda Tuesday night.

County Commissioner Trish Giordano noted a city report that they would be in financial straits if they didn't get the $1.8 million but she added the county would be in financial straits if they have to pay $1.8 million.

Giordano noted that for the city to say the county sprung this on them is not right. "We have been trying to sit down with them." The commissioner added, "We're asking them to give a little, we're giving a little. That's all we're asking.