Jan 07, 2021 2:35 PM

Local agency heads plan for future vaccination efforts

Posted Jan 07, 2021 2:35 PM

Wednesday key local agency heads met to further discuss and plan for the future vaccination of the next eligible group. They also participated in a webinar concerning the vaccination process. The agencies included Frank Corcoran of Geary Community Hospital, Lee Wolf of Konza Health, Tammy VonBusch of Geary County Health Department, Dr. Jimmy Jenkins, Geary County Health Medical Advisor, and Garry Berges of Geary County Emergency Management.

The state stressed that the entire state is still in Phase 1A, which is for health care workers and long-term care facilities. Until all people in the state in Phase 1A are vaccinated, we can not move to Phase 1B.

Once Phase 1B is completed, the next phase will be able to begin. The complete listing of the different phases and who is in what phase is still being developed at the State level and is expected to be announced soon. Once that information is received at the local level, the execution of that phase will begin. Planning for distribution of the vaccine for the different phases continue. As more information is received, it will be provided to the public.

The Geary County Health Department is allowing residents to signup on a COVID-19 vaccination contact list. Based on information provided on the form, it will place you in a Phase group. When that phase of the vaccine is made available, you will be contacted and given a location and time to receive the vaccination. The survey is available on Geary County COVID-19 website (www.GearyCounty.org) and the Geary County Health Dept. Facebook page. You can contact the Health Department at 762-5788 if you do not computer access. The survey is HIPAA compliant.