Apr 03, 2024

EMS Service cost issue will go back to the judge

Posted Apr 03, 2024 3:30 AM

Junction City and Geary are currently about $150,000 apart on the annual amount that the county must pay the city this year for EMS Services.

The issue will go to a status hearing before 5th Judicial District Judge W. Lee Fowler at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Tuesday night the city commission noted that they were getting closer but there was no final number agreed on yet. The judge could appoint a master to serve as a mediator with some binding powers in the matter.

The city wanted a payment of $1.8 million and the county has offered $1.650 million.

In February Judge Fowler, granted a request by Geary County Commissioners for a temporary injunction in the EMS services case. At that time  Junction City was prevented from suspending EMS Services outside city limits, the County had to jeep keep paying for the service, and the Judge allowed the two entities to continue negotiations or determine a new contract.