Nov 28, 2019 9:47 PM

There was a big turnout for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted Nov 28, 2019 9:47 PM

The 18th annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner can be rated another success.

According to the Coordinator Margaret Kilpatrick, there was a turnout of "a good 500" people for the dinner at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Junction City. "It really went well We sent out 185 boxes ( delivered meals ) and some people just came in and picked up food. " There was also many in attendance at the dining room at the church.

There was plenty of volunteer help. said Kilpatrick. "We had volunteers that showed up to work at 10 o'clock. We had a lot of volunteers." Organizers were thinking about a way to get people out of the dinner quicker. "We're going to start sending meals out earlier so when the people come in at 12 o'clock to eat we'll be ready to serve." Kilpatrick estimated more than 100 people helped put on the event.

The dinner include food ranging from turkey and dressing to pumpkin pie and carrot cake.

Kilpatrick had fun. " I am because I like to see the dining room and people in a good mood. "This tradition will continue. Margaret plans to do the Community Thanksgiving Dinner again next year.