Nov 29, 2019 1:48 PM

Sheriff's Department reports accidents on area roadways Thursday

Posted Nov 29, 2019 1:48 PM

Area highways were icy Thursday morning following sleet and rain. The Geary County Sheriff's Department said Deputies responded to accidents on U.S. and K-177 Highways.

In the first accident at 8:47 a.m. Deputies went to U.S. 77, mile marker 150 where Bridget Harvey, Wichita, was driving a 2017 Kia Rio northbound. The vehicle lost traction due to the icy weather conditions and side swiped a guardrail. Minor vehicle damage was reported but no injuries.

In the second accident at 10:16 a.m. Deputies responded to K-177 Highway, mile marker 97, where William Conser, Toledo, Ohio was northbound in a Hyundai Veloster. He went to change lanes and lost control of the vehicle due to the icy roadway, causing the vehicle to roll and come to rest on its roof. There was heavy vehicle damage and minor injuries reported.

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Nov 29, 2019 1:48 PM
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