May 05, 2020 5:04 PM

Geary County Treasurer's Office releases plans for future reopening

Posted May 05, 2020 5:04 PM

The Geary County Treasurer’s Office is planning to reopen on the 19th of May. Hours will be from 9:00 to 4:00 for customers to come into the office. Employees in the office are currently working to comply with the social distancing within the work area.

The Treasurer’s office will be using the following protocol upon opening:

· There may be someone at the entrance of the building (One entrance open) to ask appropriate questions and/or take their temperature if required by the health department.

· Once in the office, there will be a maximum number of customers in the office that will not exceed 20 to comply with six-foot social distancing. Once we have reached the maximum, customers will be directed to wait in the hallway. If maximum is reached there, they will be directed to come back later. What this means is that fewer people will be served on a daily basis. This is imperative considering that we could potentially have a large ‘cluster’ of people in a small area. I consider the health of staff members very seriously and want to keep our environment safe. This practice should continue until the end of the year if not longer.

Customers need to understand that vehicle renewals with the expiration months of MARCH, APRIL and MAY have been granted 60-day extensions per the Governor. This applies to new purchases as well.

· Staff will be conducting business as usual as much as possible along with a self-service station in the hallway to allow for vehicle registration renewals and property tax payments to be left.

· VIN checks will not be done in the treasurer’s office. They will be completed by appointment only through the Sheriff’s office with their own set of guidelines.

Vehicle Registration –

The public being asked for their patience and understanding during this time as we are working hard to control the environment to make it safe for everyone and also, serve the public the best way possible. You do not need to come into the office. MAIL IT IN or place it in the drop box at the front of the building. You can also RENEW ONLINE at:

Property Tax Payments- Payments can be made ONLINE at: You can also MAIL your payment OR DROP IT IN THE BOX at the SOUTH side of the building.

As always, May 10th is the payment deadline, there is no extension on taxes. Unfortunately, property tax extensions cannot be granted due to the various funding streams, budgets and multiple jurisdictions impacted by tax revenues. Many of which are critical for funding public safety. “The Governor is unable to unilaterally change the property tax structures or payments in general and would not be inclined to cut critical public safety and education funding sources during a prolonged public health emergency.”