Apr 03, 2024

Junction City Manager announces his plans to retire

Posted Apr 03, 2024 4:04 AM
Junction City Manager Allen Dinkel
Junction City Manager Allen Dinkel

By Dewey Terrill

JC Post

 Junction City Manager Allen Dinkel says that he will retire later this year. Dinkel read a letter at the Junction City Commission meeting Tuesday night. "I'm announcing my retirement / resignation as city manager of the City of Junction City after more than nine years by no later than Sept. 27, 2024."

Dinkel said over the next couple of weeks he would be refining that date as he worked through various retirement issues, "while in the meantime committing myself to a proper transition period as well as the preparation of the 2025 city budget."

Dinkel commented that over the next few months he would work with other staff members to ensure all issues are covered and understood. The city manager added that he has great confidence in the professionals he worked with on a daily basis and that they would do their part.

Dinkel said he has served in city management in Kansas for more than 35 years. He made the decision to retire after discussions with his family, and also noted that he had been thinking about it for four years.