Nov 15, 2020 11:00 AM

Commissioner Giordano wants to see a county finance manager hired

Posted Nov 15, 2020 11:00 AM
Patricia Giordano
Patricia Giordano

Geary County Commissioner-elect Patricia ( Trish ) Giordano wants to see a finance manager hired for the county. "I believe that's why I was elected. That's a huge platform I had so I think that the people want that as well.

The new term begins in early January.

Giordano wants a county finance manager hired as soon as possible. "If we can all agree on the terms and we definitely need the right person, not to rush and get somebody in there that's not right for us." She noted that the governing body needs to look at the 2022 budget pretty soon. The county budgets on an annual basis with approval of the spending plan for the next year occurring in August.

In the meantime Giordano said she has been looking at some temporary financial personnel. "And doing some research on retiring from the Police Department on Dec. 1. And I'll have about six weeks to do some research and present what I learned to the commission."

Giordano confirmed that she will be retiring from the Junction City Police Department on Dec. 1, where she is currently captain of detectives. She has been employed at the police department for approximately 28 years.