Apr 01, 2024

County receives a sales tax update

Posted Apr 01, 2024 4:13 PM

By Dewey Terrill

JC Post

Geary County Commissioners received both bad and good news about sales tax revenues on Monday. 

Sales tax revenues for the January through March time frame this year were down for the general fund just under $30,000 compared to 2023 and for the hospital dedicated tax down $4,700. For the good news County Finance Director Tami Robison noted 25% into the year that for the hospital dedicated tax 25.41% of the amount budgeted was received. On the general fund the county has received 31.35% of their budget, which is above the 25% mark in the year. "While we have collected less than 2023 we're still okay budgetarily for what we budgeted."

Commissioner Trish Giordano noted, "Shows how important it is to shop local." Commissioner Alex Tyson pointed to Fort Riley deployments, saying "We don't have everybody here so that should change in a few months I believe."