Sep 15, 2022

K-State Coordinators Preview Tulane Game on Thursday

Posted Sep 15, 2022 10:01 PM

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 – Kansas State offensive coordinator Collin Klein and defensive coordinator Joe Klanderman met with members of the media on Thursday at the Vanier Family Football Complex prior to the Wildcats hosting Tulane on Saturday. Links to video and audio of both press conferences are above, and a transcript of select quotes are below.


On the passing game….

“I was going to say, hopefully it's not raining as hard as it was last week. Obviously, whatever we’ve got to do to win the ballgame and play well. The second half provided some dynamics for us with the weather. I know, third quarter, I get on the phone with Adrian (Martinez) and he's like, ‘Coach, the ball’s never been this heavy.’ It was just full of water. But our guys battled through it. There hasn't been a pick one way or the other of saying this week we’ve got to do this or not or whatever. It's just kind of the game flow and how it's been. We're ready and excited, obviously, to throw it around when we need to and that part of the game.”

On playing guys like Ben Sinnott it different spots on the offense…

“Love working with our guys, and we have a lot of smart football players. They're allowing us to do and put some people in different places, in different personnel groups. You know, that can put pressure on people. Ben is one of those guys and being able to be multiple move guys around is one of our strengths.”

On the throwing ability Adrian Martinez showcased during last week’s opening drive…

“Like I said, I mean, we can throw the football. We’ve got great receivers. We’ve got a good quarterback. I've been very pleased with his decision making, and he definitely is processing the game at a really high clip and protecting us in certain runs, protecting some passes that he's checked out of because of certain pressure looks that he's seen and is taking the game as it comes. It's not something that I want to force, but I think it'll be a more natural flow hopefully as we move forward.”

On the attempted trick play against Missouri…

“We had a decent look for it on tape and the backside corner wasn't over as much as we thought and down in a short yardage situation in the redzone. It all kind of come together for us of knowing when we wanted to do it and where we wanted to do it. Kade (Warner) studies his butt off and knew exactly who it was that we needed to influence, and credit to them. They covered it, and he still got us first down so no worries there.”

On Deuce Vaughn…

“Deuce is Deuce. I'm not surprised, not one bit. He's top shelf in every area. You see his notebook from the week of him watching tape on his own and it's darn near a novel, truly. He's special. Totally unselfish too. You watch, he's sprung two touchdowns just by his blocking, and that's what he's called to do on that play. It's an honor to coach him and an honor that he’s on our team and a Wildcat.”


On the health status of the defense...

“As you go through the season there is always stuff and that's just what it is. Even though the game wasn't a close game at the end of the game for the score, it was a nip and tuck game for a lot of time and guys got a lot of snaps. So, it's just the normal wear and tear, but yeah, I think we're going to be okay.”

On Ekow Boye-Doe’s play…

“He’s just rock solid. In the corner room, he’s probably the guy that understands things the most. He’s got a ton of snaps under his belt. He’s extraordinarily fast. He’s got the ability to make plays, and the fact that he hasn’t been tested is a testament to him.”

On Tulane quarterback Michael Pratt …

“He's a stud. Yeah, he's really good player. He's extremely sharp, extremely tough. He took some big shots last week and just jumped up Rocky Balboa style. I thought he showed a lot of heart in that stuff. I think he makes good decisions. He knows what to do with the ball and looks very, very comfortable out there. He's played a lot of snaps in his career. So, I think he's definitely going to be one of the better quarterbacks that we see this year.”

On Tulane’s RPO game…

“I think their RPO game is good. I don’t know if they’ve gotten into it as much as maybe they plan too. But yeah, I think they’ve with their stuff. Coach (Jim) Svoboda, I’ve known about him for many, many years, and he’s really innovative in the things he does. I think he knows exactly what he wants to do. So, I’m interested to see some new things this week.”

On the combination of Josh Hayes and Kobe Savage at safety…

“I think they’re phenomenal. I think their doing a great job, and they are both new players. Kobe, in particular, improved so much from week one to week two. I know he had a pretty good game against South Dakota, but he was better against Missouri. I think Josh having missed the South Dakota game will improve quite a bit between what he did against Missouri and what he can do this week.”


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