Jul 24, 2021

Hospital urges COVID-19 vaccinations

Posted Jul 24, 2021 10:06 AM

Geary Community Hospital officials are urging the public to get COVID-19 vaccinations. Director of Communications Ashley King stated that recent statistics showed the county had the lowest percentage for vaccination rates in the state and hospitalizations have also been up recently.

Delta variant cases of COVID-19 are also being reported. "We are seeing quite a few Delta variants and quite a few breakthroughs. A breakthrough is someone that is fully vaccinated and has been vaccinated for two weeks but then are becoming positive for COVID. Those breakthroughs have been a Delta. "

GCH, CVS Pharmacy, Wal Mart, Konza Prairie Community Health Center and the Health Department provide the COVID-19 vaccinations.

King urged people to get a vaccine and if you are not vaccinated to wear your mask. Face masks are required at Geary Community Hospital.