Nov 13, 2020 6:16 PM

Foot Locker Distribution Center plans to expand workforce

Posted Nov 13, 2020 6:16 PM

Officials with the Foot Locker Distribution Center in Junction City plan to expand the work force at the facility during the peak holiday season. Danielle Miller, Sr. Operations Director at the Junction City Service Center, said during non-peak times approximately 750 people work at the facility but during the peak periods they flex up to about 950. "We have plenty of opportunities and positions including everything from warehouse work including forklift operators to maintenance techs, administrative positions, analysts and many management positions spanning across many departments."

Miller noted that the biggest department involves operations but there are support functions ranging from HR, facilities, finance, IT and engineering. "We are looking to add in excess of 200 for our peak season." The time frame covers the holiday season. "Most people are aware Foot Locker is a retail organization. We are coming into the Christmas season. We have a six-week period of time that we call  the Big Six where we're very focused on filling order for the customers at our stores as well as online orders. We peak at Christmas time.

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There are benefits that come with working at Foot Locker. Miller commented that they include shift and position differentials, holiday and productivity pay. Incentive pay with all of our shifts and differentials ranges from $12 to $21 an hour.  There are paid breaks, climate controlled buildings, an onsite gym and 30-50% off discount for product. There will also are free local bus passes, traditional medical benefits including medical, dental, vision after 28 days of employment, 401K plan, employee stock purchase program, paid holidays, time off and tuition reimbursement.

Miller explained said Foot Locker opened back up in June after a COVID-19 required shut down in March. Once they reopened there was a significant increase in orders. That prompted us to require additional staff."

When it comes to internal precautions that are being taken for COVID-19 Miller noted that social distancing, sanitizing stations, mandatory wearing of masks that are provided, extensive cleaning procedures and the elimination of an on-person hiring session. That information is provided virtually to increase safety and allow applicants to complete more of the hiring steps from their home.

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