May 03, 2021 10:41 PM

Commissioner Giordano plans to try to move forward on hiring a County Financial Coordinator

Posted May 03, 2021 10:41 PM
Geary County Commission Chair Trish Giordano
Geary County Commission Chair Trish Giordano

Trish Giordano plans to move ahead next Monday on the search effort for a financial coordinator for Geary County.  During a commission meeting this week Giordano said that she made her thoughts clear to the other members of the governing body. "I feel that there's been a delay tactic  in getting another consultant in here once I had my consultant. I will be making an official motion ( next Monday ) to go forward to hire a consultant and look for a financial coordinator, which I feel is much needed."

Giordano recently had a consultant speak to the county commission on the subject of a financial coordinator. Plans for a second one to meet with the governing body this Monday were cancelled.

Giordano said she has waited long enough and has done enough research. "I feel very strongly that we totally need a financial coordinator."

JC Post contacted commissioner Keith Ascher for his side of the story. He said that there was not any delay tactic. "I did not know why the state association's recommendation for a  consultant did not make the meeting."

Ascher said he contacted that individual after the meeting Monday. 'They felt like and I agree that to do this and do it professionally, which Trish Giordano has always said we want to be transparent, open and professional. And to do it professionally this should actually be put out for RFP's. It shouldn't be a hand picked person by one specific commissioner."

Ascher said that was the consultant's recommendation and she made a business decision not to come for that reason. "We need to do it just like any other thing in the county . When we go out for a bid we need to put out some RFP's."