May 24, 2022

There is a suggestion for sprucing up the appearance of Grant Ave.

Posted May 24, 2022 10:00 AM

By Dewey Terrill

JC Post

Change the name from Grant Ave. to Scenic Bypass and then add landscaping to hide dilapidated buildings or sites. That could lead to a positive rather than a negative entrance to the city.

The idea was suggested by Board of Education member Jason Butler during a joint school district - county meeting that was also attended by city officials. There was some discussion on improving the aesthetics. "How do we make Grant Ave. something new, something different? And I thought we could rebrand it, "said Butler. "My brainstorm was to change the name from Grant Avenue,  let's just throw out a name, Scenic Bypass."

Jason Butler made a suggestion during a joint school district - county meeting.
Jason Butler made a suggestion during a joint school district - county meeting.

Butler added that landscaping could be created on both sides of the scenic byway. He noted that then as you leave Fort Riley there would not be a historical negative connotation but nice greenspace. "So as you enter Junction City you're entering on a positive note, like a note that this is a place that takes care of itself, we're proud of ourselves and please come in, invites you into the city. "

Butler said the greenspace, if done appropriately, could hide dilapidated buildings. He said it creates an opportunity for someone who wants to have a business in the buildings and probably increases the value of those buildings. "In the meantime it kind of hides anything that may not have a good look to it."

There are businesses on Grant Ave. that are professional in appearance and properly maintained, but empty lots and dilapidated buildings are also located there.