Feb 26, 2021 11:00 AM

Munsons are thankful for community support

Posted Feb 26, 2021 11:00 AM

In the wake of the fire that destroyed their Munson's Prime Steakhouse at 426 Goldenbelt Boulevard in junction City, Deanna and Chuck Munson are grateful for the support they have been receiving, ranging from local community members to Kansas State University leaders.

No one was injured in the fire early Wednesday morning and  the business was insured, but numerous Munson family and community memorabilia items were damaged or destroyed. Deanna Munson confirmed the strong community support. "Oh my yes. Just unreal. Between email and text messages and telephone calls. Kansas State has shown an amazing amount of support with all of the people over there, including President Myers on helping to replace some of the significant things lost in the fire that we care about." Munson added that would include K-State awards and recognitions over the last six decades and President Myers himself is reduplicating some of that so that it's amazing what has come through."

Deanna added President Myers has personally taken on trying to reproduce ribbons won by Chuck Munson's father in an international livestock and meat judging show, all of their award plaques including Chuck's Distinguished Service Alumni Award. "They've asked me to send pictures of what they looked like on the wall and they're trying to reproduce what we had. " There has been support expressed from deans and KSU leaders to the alumni association.  Deanna is also herself a former associate professor at Kansas State University.

As far as the employees of the Munson's Prime Steakhouse are concerned they will receive assistance. Deanna Munson confirmed that are more than 30 employees. "We certainly are going to maintain some of them. We have work that needs to be done that's in relation to the restaurant itself. Certainly our manager and a few of our employees can continue on. They just may not be serving food. They may be doing a slightly different description but in congruence with the restaurant itself." 

Munson said there will be a meeting with all of the employees on Friday. "We have a check for them for what they've done up until now and we will be making offers with them as to what they want to do in the future." Munson added she is also hearing that they're easily employable and none of them have been panicking about what they're going to do.  They are also hearing from employees that another nearby  new restaurant has expressed interest in their services, but nothing is official there.

On the future of the business no final decision has been made. Deanna stated, "At this point we don't know for sure, probably won't for awhile. The investigation of what has happened is ongoing. Until all of the parts of the investigation are done we're certainly not making any decision as to whether we're going to rebuild, reopen or decide not to. All options are out there." Munson added that they have been informed that it will be at least one month before the total investigation is complete. "And we're thinking it will be at least a month, maybe two months. At that point we'll make some decision as to what we're deciding to do."

No one was injured in the fire which was reported to dispatch by an on-duty sheriff's deputy at 4:17 a.m. Wednesday. The damage estimate has been placed at $750,000.