Jan 09, 2021 12:14 AM

Fort Riley updates COVID-19 General Order

Posted Jan 09, 2021 12:14 AM

Fort Riley officials issued a COVID-19 statement via social media on Friday.

In 2020, we fought the virus on the defense—the wear of face coverings, physical distancing, sanitation, and travel and occupancy restrictions helped quell the spread. While we must continue to apply defensive measures, for the first time we are attacking! At Fort Riley, 100% of our volunteering first responders and emergency medical care personnel have been inoculated with a safe and effective vaccine approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Now more than ever, we need everyone to keep up the fight. As expected, we are experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases. However, again and again we are seeing individuals and families preventing the spread by observing the appropriate movement restrictions. To maintain this momentum, the #COVID-19 General Order has been updated with the following: •

Social gatherings and visitations are prohibited inside all housing on the installation. •

Service members are prohibited from having or attending social gatherings inside any home/barracks on or off the installation.• These prohibitions apply to parties, dinners, social clubs, meetings, social visits, and similar activities.• These prohibitions do not apply to visits with immediate family members, duty-related activities, childcare, tutoring, welfare checks, providing care for an individual or pet, repair or cleaning services, and similar nonsocial activities. *

While conducting any authorized activity, individuals will maintain a distance of six feet from one another, abide by sanitation requirements, and wear face coverings when physical distancing requirements cannot be met.

The arrival of the vaccine and first series of inoculations is only the start of our offensive against the virus. In conjunction with our defensive efforts, our generation can also achieve a great Victory. Keep it up!