Feb 23, 2021 4:20 PM

County discusses one percent transient guest tax designation

Posted Feb 23, 2021 4:20 PM

Geary County Commissioners agree with designating a one percent transient guest tax for use on any future potential sports complex. During discussion this week they agreed to make some written changes to an existing charter ordinance and then bring it back to the governing body for a vote in the near future.

Commission Chair Trish Giordano, noted that an earlier charter resolution approved in 2020 was not valid because it requires the signature of all three commissioners. "So we decided that we are going to have a new charter resolution drawn up comparable to the 2014 resolution, but add time limits and within the statute after 10 years if no sports complex comes to fruition using those funds within the statute." That would mean after 10 years if a sports complex project has not developed the money could be used for other travel and tourism projects. 

In 2014 the county adopted a charter resolution designating a new one percent transient guest tax to help fund a sports complex but it was later designated for special CVB projects. Late in 2020 the former county commission tried to revert back to use of the funds for a sports complex but that charter resolution was approved on a 2-0-1 vote with one commissioner abstaining and without the required 3-0 vote. Now a new charter resolution will be considered by the current county commission. It includes a 10-year limit and would be reviewed after five years.