Jun 23, 2022

Rural Water District Four needs more water storage capacity

Posted Jun 23, 2022 10:00 AM

Rural Water District Four northwest of Junction City has water storage capacity of 200,000 gallons. This past three-day holiday weekend the District used more than 800,000 gallons. District Director Cliff White told a Milford Lake Partners meeting there is a problem on big weekends.....for example July 4th and Labor Day. He noted if RWD 4 is pumping 400,000 gallons a day during  those peak times they will run out of water. "More storage capacity will be looked at. "

White noted that until that is achieved commercial users such as the State Park, Corp of Engineers and Acorn's Resort will not be allowed more usage during peak periods than the amount they used during the last couple of years. They will retain the amount of water they use now but not be given more water since RWD 4 doesn't have it.

The District has the water rights but funding for storage is the issue. "Right now we're down to six to twelve hours of storage during the summer time. Because of that it creates big problems if something happens, said White. 

White said that they are trying to find funding, but none of the approaches have been successful. "Now that they have decided how they're going to use the state revolving loan fund and the money for that there may be a possibility to gain some funding for at least part of the project. " White confirmed that they're hoping to put in a new 300,000 to 400,000 gallon storage tank. The problem is that it could take some time before that occurs.

With a limit on water storage capacity there is the possibility that could hinder future development by commercial entities around the lake, making it even more important to obtain additional water capability.

During the Milford Lake partner meeting White was asked by Rick Dykstra if the Water District Board would consider buying water from Junction City to solve the problem but White indicated that would have to be discussed with the Board. He also noted that it is not being looked at as an option now.