Nov 23, 2020 10:58 PM

County Commissioners get an update on the Sheriff's Department

Posted Nov 23, 2020 10:58 PM

Work on a new elevator for the Geary County Detention Center is 90% complete. Keith Ascher, County Commissioner, noted that officials hope to have the project finished this week.

He said once that is complete work can begin on four negative pressure cells for the jail. "Those are specifically for COVID cases if they get them." Sheriff Dan Jackson made a report to the commission. 

There will not be any out of town training for Sheriff's Department personnel this month, there were 291 incidents this past week, and 100 inmates were in the detention center. 

The Sheriff's Department is saving several thousand dollars on the average extradition of a prisoner. The department is handling those extraditions. 

Numerous employees from the department were quarantined during the past month due to close contact issues with COVID. One employee is currently in isolation, has COVID and is symptomatic.

Another inmate at the jail tested positive but due to strict COVID protocols in place and followed, the infection was contained to that inmate with no spread to staff or other inmates.

New Sheriff's school has been postponed indefinitely due to COVID. Officials expect it to be held sometime in the spring.