Aug 03, 2021

USD 475 will require students, staff and visitors to wear face masks inside facilities

Posted Aug 03, 2021 10:00 AM

Face masks will be a requirement in USD 475 buildings and vehicles, including school buses, during the upcoming school year, at least until the first quarter comes to an end at which time there will be a reassessment. Dr. Reginald Eggleston, Superintendent of Schools, covered the recommendation that was approved by the Board of Education. "At the end of the first quarter we will return and reassess where we are based on data and be able to make the determination if we need to continue on with the mask provision."

USD 475 stated in a release that if a vaccinated student or staff member is exposed to COVID-19, they will have the opportunity to test to stay at school. More information regarding the district’s testing plan will be released by Aug. 11.

The end of the first quarter is Oct. 8th. Officials indicated that the new requirement will not apply on the playground or in sports. The action is being taken following the increase in COVID-19 with the Delta variant.

The move follows similar action by Fort Riley last week.