Jul 09, 2024

JCPD provides a scam alert

Posted Jul 09, 2024 8:42 PM

The Junction City community has been targeted by a new scam involving unsolicited emails confirming orders you never placed. These emails are highly deceptive, often mimicking communications from reputable companies such as PayPal and Norton.

How It Works:-You receive an email or invoice that appears to be a legitimate order confirmation.-The email typically includes official logos and professional formatting, making it look authentic.-It may claim you've ordered an expensive product or service, often prompting you to click a link or call a number if you didn't place the order.-These emails will often encourage you to contact their customer support if you want to cancel the purchase or subscription.-When you call the number, you will then be connected to the scammer and they will ask for your credit card information to "cancel" your order.

Signs of a Scam:-Unexpected Emails: Be wary of emails regarding orders you did not place.-Sender’s Email Address: Inspect the sender’s email address carefully. Scammers often use addresses that closely resemble legitimate ones.-Links and Attachments: Refrain from clicking on any links or downloading attachments as these can lead to phishing websites designed to steal your personal information or install malware on your device.

Recent Examples:-PayPal Phishing Scam: Fraudulent invoices are sent via PayPal, falsely indicating you’ve been charged for an expensive item.-Norton Email Renewal Scam: An email claims your Norton subscription is about to renew at a high cost, urging you to call a number to cancel.

Protect Yourself:-Verify Orders: Log in directly to your accounts (e.g., PayPal, Norton) to verify any orders. Don't use the links provided in the email.-Report Suspicious Emails: Report any suspicious emails to the respective company's official support team.-Use Security Software: Ensure your computer and devices have up-to-date security software.-

Educate Others: Share this information with friends and family to help them avoid falling victim to these scams. Stay vigilant and always verify before acting on unsolicited emails.