Nov 24, 2021

Republican Central Committee recommends Sherri Childs for County Treasurer

Posted Nov 24, 2021 2:05 AM
Sherri Childs
Sherri Childs

Geary County Republican Central Committee members voted unanimously, 17-0, on the first ballot in a convention Tuesday night to recommend to Governor Kelly that Sherri Childs become the next Geary County Treasurer. Childs would succeed Kathy Tremont, who has announced her retirement. The Governor has seven days to make the appointment official.

Childs has served in the Treasurer's office for 40 years, including the past 28 as office manager. She is a little bit stunned to be moving up to the Treasurer's role. "It was a hard decision on my part. I have no problem doing the job. I just didn't know if I was really wanting to take that next step. Guess I do, so here I go."

Republican Central Committee Chair Tod Godfrey said in the convention one delegate nominates a person, a second delegate seconds the nomination. "Sherri Childs was the only nomination that was received." Godfrey noted that the entire convention lasted about 15 minutes. 

Godfrey explained that Childs thanked the delegates for voting her into the treasurer's post and the confidence shown by the Geary County Republican Central Committee. "And we also acknowledged Kathy Tremont at the convention as well for the 44 years of service to the citizens of Geary County."

Tremont recently announced her retirement, effective Feb. 1. Childs confirmed that Tremont will remain in the office until then to help with the transition. 

Childs said her own duties will remain about the same. " I won't do as much bookwork but I'll be more involved in some of the distributions and a little bit more of the tax side than I have been. "