Jan 21, 2021 9:47 PM

Military beneficiaries 75 and over will be able to get COVID-19 vaccine at Irwin Army Community Hospital

Posted Jan 21, 2021 9:47 PM

Army officials said Thursday that Irwin Army Community Hospital at Fort Riley is offering COVID-19 vaccine to eligible beneficiaries ages 75 and older starting Monday, Jan. 25. Beneficiaries will be contacted by hospital staff to schedule an appointment for those interested. As supply becomes available, IACH will offer vaccine to a broader beneficiary age group, consistent with Department of Defense schema.

The Moderna vaccine is administered as a series of two doses 1 month apart. Individuals who opt for the vaccine must be willing to return within the indicated time to get their second dose. Vaccines are administered at the tension fabric structure between the legacy and new hospitals.

IACH is dedicated to providing the latest available information about the vaccines as it is released, including the benefits and risks of a vaccine so that individuals can make an informed decision.

All DoD personnel who get a vaccine will continue to wear appropriate masks, practice physical distancing, wash hands, and follow restriction of movement to protect our safety as a large portion of the population will need to be vaccinated before COVID-19 risks diminish.