Jan 04, 2020 2:20 AM

Junction City Blue Jays defeat the Garden City Buffaloes

Posted Jan 04, 2020 2:20 AM

Quavez Humphreys scored 19 points to lead the Junction City Blue Jays to a 49 - 41 win over the Garden City Buffaloes in Garden City.  The Blue Jays improve to 2 - 3, and Garden City falls to 4 - 2.  Junction City used a stingy defense to hold Garden City to just 15 points in the first 3 quarters combined while the Blue Jays scored 41.  But in the 4th quarter, Garden City rallied outscoring junction city 26 to 8. But, the Blue Jays held on for the win.

In the Girls game, Garden City led start to finish as they cruised passed the Blue Jays 68 to 23.  The was a running clock in the 4th quarter.  Junction City was led in scoring by Savannah Adams and Andrea Davis, both with 6 points.  Junction city fell to 0 - 5 with the loss.  Garden City is 4 - 2.